Dissemination of “Volunteerism vs Voluntourism”

📣 Another wonderful initiative from Asociatia Oden Nehoiu as a dissemination of the “Volunteerism vs. Voluntourism” Youth Exchange in Romania! More than 40 participants from 8 European countries analyzed the topic through non-formal education for 9 days! 🌍👏

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The power of Human Rights , Belgium 2019

From the 15th to the 20th of October, our volunteers alongside with youths from Lithuania, Spain , Finland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia and North Macedonia took part in an International Training Course program in Belgium.
The Training Course aimed to promote Human Rights through a non-formal way.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

Erasmus 2019!
Such an unique experience to be among young people from 11 countries and together discussing, raise awareness about interesting information that broaden our horizons of knowledge.
Many activities, workshops, expeditions that really changed our minds and fill our heart with positivity and love. Have been such greatful for being chosen from Greek Youth Mobility. Hope you share more amazing projects like that.

~ Anastasia ~


We had the opportunity to look for new practices in developing initiatives and policies for the Human being and its needs. We drew up new political and social activities and actions and we met each other by exchanging practices that have been developed nationally and locally to strengthen the Agenda of Human Rights.
Participants with vision and appetite from Belgium (host country), Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Macedonia, we gave the present to a radical educational meeting and training. A meeting which offered us an important joint into a non formal-educative research for the potential of our countries (both national and transnational) to find those potentials that can, through a vast of projects, activities and initiatives to create the groundwork for civil society policy.
During the 5 days of the Training Program, the Greek delegation had the opportunity to listen to and be informed about the practices adopted by the other participatory countries. Throughout the days of the meeting, we sought the potentials to create networks of initiatives on a vast of issues. Under the microscope of the Research and the group dialogue, were the: Poverty, Unemployment, Peace, Domestic violence, Legal abuses and the general malpractice of Regulations against Vulnerable Social Groups. Moreover we had the chance to focus on the most boiling topics hence the mistreatment of Migrants, Refugees and foreigners or Asylum Seekers, the Increased Crimes against women and children, the childhood labor and the war conflicts between states.
On the occasion of a guided tour on the German soldiers’ cemetery and via the stories about the lives of the deceased and the circumstances of their deaths, the debate expanded and extended to the issues of war, hatred, anti-Semitism, collective national genocide (Jews and Poles). From that time the threat led to the nowadays Kurdish and Syrian Genocides and the hordes of migrants and refugees who are fleeing to European countries for a better though unsure and insecure thus unsafe “tomorrow”.
The visit to the refugee and immigrant premises in the province of Limburg, the Belgian Red Cross, was a big surprise for all the participants, on behalf of the Solidarity Corps European Team, a partner of the European host Organization in Belgium. At the Belgian Red Cross premises we had the chance to meet and talk in private to the beneficiaries, as well as the visit of a major Holocaust survivor who shared his life experience and the difficulties he faced in his life through his personal narrative back to us as a multicultural audience.
Finally, divided into multinational mixed Action Groups created collectively by the countries that participated in the Education module of the Program, we touched on specific Human Rights’ issues. Issues and topics challenged and endangered by far-right policies and the increasing radicalization with the up-rise of far-right and fascism in Europe. None of these wonderful training days that the Greek delegation had had would have taken place without the coordination of the GYM (Greek Youth Mobility) Group, which we thank for the continued support and the team building preparation.
Indeed, the Human Rights are like Potatoes. Potatoes all same under their own skin, but they differ so much on their external characteristics… Just like humans! We are all the same if we only peel out the layers that concern our external characteristics, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, our habits and customs, our disability, our work, our social status and so many other characteristics that differentiate us…

~ Alexandros ~

Intercultural Comics, Italy 2019

From the 18th to the 28th of November, our volunteers alongside with youths from Italy, Malta, Romania, Estonia and Croatia took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Italy. The main focus of the project was to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue, the values of freedom and tolerance and the respect of human rights encouraging, by non formal activities, critical thought of young people. To increase awareness of young people about immigration issues and focus on the necessity of social inclusion for migrants and asylum seekers and refugees. To upgrade artistic and professional skills of the participants by the peer learning.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

My experience in this youth exchange program in Alezio it was something special for me. I would like to say that I am very grateful for these 10 days because I had the chance to meet new people having with them a great time. We gained some new skills about comics and how we can draw better but the most important thing for me is the fact that I spent these days with all these great participants and I will never forget them. I am sure that I took the right decision to go in this project and for sure I don’t regret it.

~ Dionysis ~

It is an extraordinary feeling starting a journey with people that you don’t know. It’s more extraordinary that these people become a second family for the rest of the days you pass with them and they are there to share concerns and dreams, experiences and, sometimes, even loves. This is the great meaning of youth exchanges. In “International Comics” project, moreover, we met people talented, passionate with their art and willing to create and do their best. Finally, this group of 31ple were a family that was breathing for the art and they made great effort to preserve human rights and tolerance of all these people that have the greatest need.

~ Aristeidis ~

As it was my first youth exchange, I was concerned, almost, for everything. By the time I met Greeks in the airport I felt that the next 10 days of my life would be unforgettable. We arrived at Alezio and I met people that were full of joy, love and talent. We discussed, we passed time together. We had long walks and a lot of jugs. We were friends, even though we met each other some hours ago. “International comics” for me was the start of a new era in my life!

~ Sofia ~

Being my first Erasmus too I have to admit that i lived an experience I didn’t expect to and for which I am really grateful. This project not only gave me the opportunity to work on such an interesting topic, exercise my drawing skills and practice my Italian but also to meet some amazing people, great artists or not, who became loving friends. My expectations were set really high from this first experience.

~ Alexia ~

It’s hard for me to express all of my thoughts about this beautiful experience we had in Italy! The location, the people, the project… Everything was impressive! I feel so lucky and happy of myself for being a witness in something like that. Yet, not everyone was an artist, but even when words are existing no more, the universal language of art speaks on behalf of us. United as a family, we created outstanding pieces of art, we had a great time together and everyone individually contributed with his/her own unique way to design memories that will be etched in our thoughts forevermore. I would like to thank both ‘’Greek Youth Mobility’’ and the hosting organisation for giving us such an incredible opportunity and every single participant, both for our perfect collaboration, but also for the spiritual bonds we managed to create! Love doesn’t count distance!

~ Dimitris ~

Joyful Leadership , Croatia 2019

From the 9th to the 17th of November, our volunteers alongside with youths from Armenia, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Albania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovakia, Portugal and North Macedonia took part in an International Training Course program in Croatia. The main focus of the project was to promote leadership and exchange experiences with other young leaders.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

When I applied for my first erasmus+ program I didn’t expect it would end up being an experience of a lifetime. I couldn’t be more grateful for the things I learned and the people I met during this program. The title of the program “Joyful leadership” could not be more representative. During our training we had the opportunity to discover our leadership skills, find our weaknesses and abilities, and collaborate with wonderful people from many parts of the world through a wide range of activities at an individual and team level. The trainers were excellent and willing to help us in a professional and personal level. Apart from this, we had the chance to practice our English language skills, to become acquainted with new cultures and spend time with wonderful people. Overall, it was an enlightening experience and I’m really thankful to “GYM” for having given me this life changing opportunity!!

~ Konstantina ~

It’s not always easy to describe such an intense experience as an Erasmus+ project with words. And that’s because no words can really express the feelings and bonds that are formed during this kind of training. With that being said, the Joyful Leadership training course, really, was an amazing experience. Powerful topic, engaging workshops, hands-on activities and charismatic trainers, all helped to form a very rewarding experience. But what matters the most, as always, is the team: people that through opening up and knowing each other, get to know themselves a bit more. I’d really hope that everyone has this chance to attend such an experience at least once in his life!

~ Mema ~

There are various projects and exchange programs that are interesting. But that’s it. The ‘’Joyful Leadership’’ training course was THE experience.
First of all, the mentors’ experience, excellent mood and knowledge about the topic motivated even the last participant. Secondly, the structure and the experiential activities were extremely good putting all the theoretical knowledge in practice through simulations, demonstrations, personal mentoring. Finally, the training had the precise target of wanting to empower new generations of role model leaders, so it was really serious after all.
If joyful leadership is “the process of influencing others with joy about what and how needs to be done to accomplish shared goals for the benefit of all“ the training course was exactly this. Useful and intense experience, for those who want to become not only leaders but further more!
Thank you Greek Youth Mobility for the opportunity!

~ Tona Fotini ~


OpportuNEETys , Romania 2019

From the 25th of October to the 5th of November, our volunteers alongside with youths from Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the UK took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Romania. The main focus of the project was to increase the employment opportunities of the youngsters and to create job-searching methods.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

In a wonderful mountainous area in the Carpathian forest, I spent 10 of the greatest days of 2019. As a leader of the Greek team, with great experience in Erasmus + projects, I can say It was one of the most interesting and peculiar projects I have experienced so far.
All the elements that constitute a successful Erasmus + youth exchange were there.
• The multicultural character
• Self-improvement activities
• The joy of co-creation
• Intercultural nights
• Interesting day-trips
• Incredible human beings
As the highlight of the project, I will mention our workshop at a school in Vatra Dornei. We prepared activities for the local children and it felt amazing.
I am happy to share that the participants of the project were excited about it and it was an experience that offered them precious life skills and awareness.
So, let them tell you about it.

~ Sotiris ~

Erasmus+ project for me again! Youth exchange again! But, this time I had high expectations. The previous one wasn’t the perfect one for me. Romania, a new place and Vatra Dornei in the middle of the Carpathians. Seems like heaven… and, it was! Okay, I was expecting to have fun but these projects serve a higher goal. I wanted to educate myself and gain new skills. This was the way I felt.
One of my main motives to participate in such projects is, of course, to meet new people, make new friends and learn about cultures that I didn’t know before. I think I achieved that and I hope that new destinations and people await for me to visit them! I really cannot separate the countries and the participants right now, I love them all!
But, I should return to the higher goal I mentioned above. I learned a lot in this project. The activities were up to my expectations for sure. I think I got better in presenting myself and my thoughts. I also understood the situation in other countries about education and employment.
The schedule was well made so that we have plenty of discussion and teamwork to do. It was a ten-day creative trip! I acquired a lot of knowledge not only about the topic, but life in general also.
Last but not least, I would like to mention some things about the place. As I wrote before, it was my first time in Romania and I definitely want to visit this country again! The facilities were great with plenty of choices for your free time and well organized for our activities. The facilitators were amazing and they will stay in my heart forever. The accommodation was also really nice (at least my room with my dear roommates) and the food whether you liked it every day or not, it was traditional and for me, this counts a lot!
To sum up, Erasmus+ is a great opportunity for young people. Ι recommend everyone to apply. Magical experience! I will try to go again for sure and you should also do the same! Finally, I would like to say “thank you” to everyone that participated in this project, it made me a better person. I do believe it. If you get to read that, I want you to know that I love you!

~ Vaggelis ~

“OpportuNEETys” was my first Erasmus+ experience. Nevertheless, having friends who had already participated in a youth exchange project, I knew that it would be ten days full of interesting and fun activities. However, what they didn’t tell me was that this would be an experience of a lifetime, ten days I will never forget.
The project was really well organized, with plenty of stimulating activities, without ever letting us get bored. Furthermore, the location was truly amazing. Our hotel was located in the area of Bucovina, a mountainous area with beautiful scenery which made the experience even more majestic.
“OpportuNEETies” had a huge impact on myself. This project taught me how to work as part of a team. Through this project, I got in touch with new cultures and learnt more about daily life in the countries that participated. Through this project, I, also, managed to step out of my comfort zone and develop self-confidence and public-speaking skills. But, most importantly, through this project, I met so many different and interesting people. Different people with different personalities, different ideas, different cultures.
Through this project, I made friends from all over Europe, friends that I miss from the first day I came back home. To conclude, “OpportuNEETys” was such a mesmerizing experience. This project helped me to become a better person.
In the end, it motivated me to travel more and explore Europe in depth.

~ Ermioni ~

I had heard various rumours about Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects. Few friends had applied and came back, with a lot of stories to tell. What I enjoy in life is travelling to unknown destinations, learning the local way of life, meeting new and different people. From what I had heard, this project seemed like a perfect match!
My story started in Cluj-Napoca on the 24th of October. I had the luck to meet our national group beforehand, so there we were, new people, walking around this beautiful city. The exploration day of 25th passed pleasantly and it was time to gather to the meeting point. What a gathering!
There was a barely empty, cold parking area next to a river, which had been transformed by the groups of the project into something special.
We had short talks with as many people as possible. I realized that even if we were total strangers, we had already silently agreed to bond together and serve our common goal. The vibes were amazing and they continued to be amazing until we took a nap, during the night travel. The days of the project were fast because enjoyment is tricky. The schedule was well organized, the food was plenty and the guesthouse was spacious, well structured and supportive for our goals. There were a lot of places to sit with a group, chat, work and also to have fun.
During the project, the Romanian team showed great hospitality, warmth and assistance not only for making us feel comfortable but also to guide us through responsibilities. The organizer, Dumitru, always carried a big smile, good mood and enough tolerance for our moments of negligence. In these circumstances, we came closer to people from 8 different countries! Big participation for a project, as we were told, which felt like an asset. We were coming closer and closer during the days and I had the chance to pick the brains of almost everyone in different matters.
The activities were arising interesting conversations, challenges of cooperation, cultivation of tolerance, various opinions and competences were shared, and personally, I became more aware of how it would look like to live in a multicultural society.
One thing, though, became clear; sometimes we use nationality/background/social ranking as a mask that we choose to put on strangers. This mask can look ridiculous, or aggressive, or stupid, or lazy, or devious, or anything. Probably, we do it to alleviate our fear for the unknown, giving our own characteristics to certain groups of people and thus feeling closer to logic. But it is not a rational thing and totally not true. Sometimes it happens unconsciously.
Through this project, up in the mountainous guesthouse, with nature being the only thing surrounding us for 10 days, we were isolated together and something rare happened; masks got off! In this light, we interacted purely with each other in circumstances representing normal life (not tourism).
We developed and educated ourselves genuinely, and according to the European virtues. And its also the combination of kindness and openness which people in this project were carrying, that led to an unforgettable experience, with love, affection and no masks.

~ Dionysis ~

24/10/19: “The night when all started”
The Greeks are at the meeting point! I really wanted to have a drink and smoke, but “no” I said to myself “you should discover these people around you! You know you are going to miss them in 10 days!” It was true! I missed all of them! I experienced the process that creates this bonding!
4/11/19: “The night all ended”
We are at the airport at 5:00 am. Everybody! I focused not to say goodbye forever to people who are going to miss the most because I will cry! So I said to some of them “don’t cry we are so lucky we have these memories.”
In reality, I was saying that to myself. I can’t believe that we are not going to be all together again. In those 10 days, we were a circle! A circle of life and self-improvement! And now it’s gone! So unfair! Ordinary life should be like this! To appreciate every second because we don’t have time to waste! To live the Erasmus+ life that we had in Romania. I m so glad and grateful I met all of these people, but mostly I am happy that I met myself through different eyes!
Thank you Greek Youth Mobility!

~ Paulina ~


Eurosports, Spain 2019

From the 2nd to the 10th of November, our volunteers alongside with youths from Spain, Poland, Turkey and North Macedonia took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Spain. The main focus of the project was to promote the importance of healthy lifestyle through physical activities and the promotion of cultural diversity on the European continent.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

It’s not the first time that I’m living the erasmus experience. But this erasmus youth exchange was one of the most intense and happy moments so far. I can’t really describe in one small text all of the feelings and experiences, and how much I changed and grew during these days. The most unique thing for me was how much I connected with the Greek team, it really felt like we were a small family. These days I laughed so hard that it was impossible. I think I laughed more than in this whole year so far. I got in touch with different cultures, I learned so many things in just 10 days. All I can think of is when I’m going to participate in another project. Because I felt free these days. I feel like I can be totally myself, I’m building myself, because no one knows me here, I can be whoever I want to be, I don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations but mine. This is so unique, I totally think it’s worth it.

~ Eleni ~

I think these words can’t describe the strong emotions I experienced those days. These days were by far the best days of my entire life. They combined everything ; friends, knowledge, fun, laughs , love. It was a life changing experience I’ve never lived before. I can’t stop talking to my friends about this project and I talk so much that sometimes I feel they want me to stop. I will start by mentioning the Greek team, our small part of Greek Υouth Μobility. We were so close and I think this contributed a lot to my great experience. First, Nikos our group leader was extremely helpful and friendly even though sometimes you could see he wanted to kill us with our silly questions. We developed a great relationship and created strong bonds from the very beginning. The other members, Stella, Eleni, and Konstantinos were so perfect, open-minded people that I felt they were my family. During the whole project Ι knew Ι could count on Nikos and the other members. We had so many inside jokes and were so close to each other that I felt extremely familiar. So we could more easily meet foreigners and discuss with them, making them feel comfortable. Having so strong bonds with your team enables you to be more sociable and we achieved a very good communication with the others. About the project, it was so well organised that we always had time for activities and at the same time we had time for ourselves to eat and prepare for the activities. I will never forget Coma Ruga because it was a perfect location for this program to take place. The beach, the sun, the waves… already miss this! People from other countries were so kind and so ready to learn about your culture and spread theirs in a unique way. During the program I felt like all the people there were my family. It’s amazing how all those people were full of joy and happiness, always polite and always smiling. I still can’t understand how it is possible to laugh so much in 8 days. I know I will keep in touch with everyone because I created friendships that will last a lifetime, I gained knowledge in the most perfect and practical way, I collected memories that will follow me till the rest of my life. Thank you Erasmus+ and Greek Υouth Μobility for believing in our team and for everything you do for young people to live this experience.
Everyone should live this amazing experience. I’m so overloaded with happiness!

~ Nena ~

It was my first time i participated in such a programme and i could say it was my best experience in my life until now. I can’t describe this experience with words.. It was the first time i spent so much time with people from different countries,with other cultures and mentalities. I shared with them all my feelings and i became a part of their inner world too. I laughed and cried with them. I also discussed with them about their way of life and i really gained deep knowledge. About the Greek team i felt like i knew them two years before.About the activities, I have to say that really impressed me. They were organized in an appropriate way in order to leave the safety of our groups and to be mixed with people from different origins. In this way, we interacted so intensively and created so strong relationships. Every morning i was looking forward to participate in the activities. Most of them took place on the beach, so the landscape, in combination with the games, the happy faces and the playfulness made me feel like a child. I felt really free. This exchange got me out of my routine and “taught” me to go out from the daily comfort zone, by sharing everything, from common rooms and bathrooms to common feelings and thoughts. I’m so grateful I took part in this exchange project and I wish all the people to live this experience at least once in their lives. I would also like to thank all the members for sharing this experience with me and undoubtedly the Greek Youth Mobility organization, which gave me the “ticket” to such a worthwhile life experience!!!

~ Stella ~

On the 2nd of November, I took the plane to Spain to participate in a -8 days-Erasmus plus project at Coma-Ruga, a city outside Barcelona. This project involved sports, activities and a healthy lifestyle to promote cultural diversity, acceptance, and inclusion. During these days the way that the topic was covered met my expectations and I can say with certainty I learnt so many things I didn’t know, I bonded with people in such short period of time and I was so impressed by the fact that despite the various origins of the people, the activities that we used to play as kids do not differ. All these activities above are typical but there are so many others that take place in this kind of programmes, such as getting drunk, playing games, discussing until late at night and flirting. I do believe that in our lives we come to point when we look back and think about the times we felt alive and from the countless moments of our existence only a few moments pop up on our minds. So sad! This project was one of these moments of my life and I am so glad that I was part of it. I think it is in our hands to enrich our lives with similar moments by chasing opportunities like this. I know that I will not to remember how I interacted with all those people what things I said or what I did but I am so sure that I will never forget how I felt. I am so grateful to GYM -Greek Youth Mobility- for giving me the chance to participate and I am looking forward to new adventures.

~ Konstantinos ~

Click here to watch the official video of the project!


Volunteerism vs voluntourism , Romania 2019

From the 16th to the 25th of October, our volunteers alongside with youths from Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and North Macedonia took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Romania. The main focus of the project was to increase the motivation for active participation from young people in Erasmus+ projects and to eliminate the risk for access of inactive young people to projects.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

Who would have thought that it would be such a great and unique experience. I met people from all over the europe ,made new friends see other perspectives and realise the true value of volunterering and of course the difference between volunteers and voluntourists. And all these learning process happened through activities like sketches ,drawings, debates that our great facilitators have prepared and that we ofcourse participated in. Every day we had different activities that made us think and process what we already knew and wht we didn’t still know, but we learned it there. The facilitators wanted us to have a team spirit especially with participants from other countries and thats why when we needed to be devided to teams each participant was from a different country. This thing helped me to be even more open to new ideas and different people.It helped me grow my personality and my mind. And if you ask me if I would do that again? I would do taht another thousand times for sure!

~ Morena ~

An amazing opportunity was given to me by Greek Youth Mobility to attend an eight days Erasmus+ project in Busteni, Romania . “Volunteerism vs Voluntourism” was the title of the project I attended, during which I had the opportunity to meet and interact with other people from different countries and also to gain some knowledge about volunteerism and erasmus+ programms generally. For these eight days I was completely out of my comfort zone, I explored the unknown and now I am more conscious and tolerant as a person. I am thankful to the Greek Youth Mobility organization for this experience I’ve had and of course the Greek team which was always by my side in this trip. I had a great time!

~ Alexia ~

I participated in ‘Volunteerism Vs Voluntourism’ a youth exchange project in Busteni, Romania.
First of all, I would like to thank the Greek Youth Mobility (GYM) for the opportunity I had and for its services. It was my first project and I am looking forward for my next one! I had the opportunity to get know the base of Volunteerism and that was really helpful!
I learned the pros of youth participation by meeting people from different countries and work together in commons workshops. The best part for me was the debate in which mixed teams took part and they had to convince the judges about a motion (stand/fall). Additionally, I gained international experience and a big boost to participate in more projects like this!

~ Lefteris ~

In October I participated in a youth exchange called ”volunteerism vs volunturism” and I have to say that it was a unique experience as far as youth exchanges go. Even though the food we were served and the hotel we stayed were not noteworthy, the project compensated through it’s many advantages. Firstly, the participants. Moat of the participants were eager and active fully embracing the spirit of volunteerism. Specifically, i’m extremely satisfied with the performance of the greek team as both the other participants and the leader were extraordinary and we bonded extremely well even before the project. Secondly, Busteni was one of the most beautiful towns I’ve visited abroad and makes me want to visit Romania again. And last but not least, the facilitators were amazing as they had both the energy and the experience to create a project such as this, that was both entertaining and educating. The activities allowed the participants to be creative and peaked their interest. As for the main activity of the project, the debate competition, it was one of the most impressive and engaging activities of the project. In conclusion, I don’t think that I will forget these great days in Romania, I had fun, I learned and made lots of meaningful relationships with people I wouldn’t meet otherwise. It was an extraordinary project overall

~ Sotiris ~

Everything started a foggy morning in Bucharest. A really deep chaos had concurred participants’ minds. Where they will go? What people are they going to meet? What kind of situations are they going to deal with? And it is important to be mentioned that all these things were happening and the participants didn’t know each other very well yet. So, in this way, they started their trip by an extraordinary, traditional Romanian train towards the well known Prahova valley and the breathtaking Bucegi mountains. However, as they started narrating amazing stories of their lives and as the train was moving to higher and higher altitudes with the doors semi-opened, this fog started to fade away and finally after some kilometers the fog left completely and the bright Romanian sun and the crystal clear blue sky took place. Later on, the only thing that should be mentioned is that the following 9 days were like a dream. Life in the mountains was out of the bounds of reality and inside the bounds of one imaginary and perfect world, in which ordinary people could meet new people, new places and as a result to meet and discover themselves. During these days, as the participants were gazing at the horizon, they were able to see only the high mountain peaks and the green slides of the mountains. The fog that was still existing in lower altitudes didn’t let them to see everyday life’s problems and also the extremely vivid rhythm of the routine. Suddenly, one very loud sound of train’s honk woke me up and as a result I opened my eyes and I looked on my right side, out of the train’s window.I realized that we were again in the same foggy forest that we have crossed on our way to the mountains, but in the opposite direction. I looked around me and I searched immediately for any clue that could prove that all these things really happened and it was not just a dream. At that point I saw just next to me new people that definitely could provide me with proves that everything was absolutely real. Afterwards, I checked my luggage, just to see if everything was alright. Not only nothing was missing, but also my suitcase was so full that it was about to explode and that happened because it was full with new knowledge, new ideas, new perspectives and a lot of sweet memories that bring to your mouth a sweet and spicy taste when you are thinking of them. So, after that realization, I was reassured that everything was fine and I closed again my eyes and continued dreaming.

~ Giorgos ~