Dancers4Communities, Greece 2022

From the 10th till the 16th of October, our volunteers alongside young people from the Netherlands, France and Turkey took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Kastoria, Greece.

The aim of the project was to approach young people with dancing and build a community over time.

In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.


For me, “Dancers4Communities” was the right thing at the right time. I met many dancers that were so different from me, because of our different styles and backgrounds. I also met people who were not dancers, but were dancers in their heart. What all these people had in common, was the passion about just moving their body and this was the first time I experienced something like this. I felt that we managed to create a safe space for everyone to express. An opportunity to show a part of ourselves we don’t communicate in our everyday lives.

This week helped me redefine what dancing is. For me it has always been about interpreting the music I listen to in the best way possible and that was my way to express. Even though this is still true, I rediscovered the purpose of dancing, which is first of all, having fun. I learned this through all of the people in the programme and each of them gave me a different approach to the same result every time. I kept something from every one of them and I already see how all this new information is helping me in my life. It was also one of the few times in my life I felt that I could reach out and form human connections in such a short period of time.

Lastly, we couldn’t have asked for a better accomodation in Kastoria, with such a breathtaking view. To wake up every day and dance in this environment was perfect to boost our creativity and create an atmosphere of calmness and unity. It was like time had stopped for a week, lost in the mountains.


Although this wasn’t my first Erasmus+ experience, I was quite nervous at the beginning because this program involved dancing which is something I am not really good at. However I am really glad that I participated because I feel that I changed a lot during this week in Kastoria.

The dancers from the Netherlands, France and Turkey were brilliant people who taught us different dances in such a short period. Some participants were also talented dancers and this gave me the motivation to be more comfortable with myself and to improve my dancing skills.

The fact that we also had to plan a choreography and to perform in front of a crowd was also really challenging for me but it was a really funny and unique experience and it was totally worth it!


I participated in a project with GYM in Greece, where I developed a lot of new skills and got knowledge on the topic of dancing (tango, salsa, hip hop, break dancing etc.) I got to know new people from all over the world that I will always cherish and remember.

Our goal was to have fun but also perform a choreography that we made in front of a crowd.

We succeeded and performed in Thessaloniki while people were watching or some of them even joining us.

Participating in a project with GYM was one of the best decisions I made, because I now have memories to cherish for ever.


My first erasmus experience was with Greek Youth Mobility in Kastoria. I was very excited that I got to participate in this project but also a bit anxious at first. But the moment I stepped at the venue I realised that it was going to be one of the best moments in my life!

There I got the chance to meet all these awesome people and spend time with them. I also learned a lot of things regarding foreign cultures and traditions. This project also gave me the opportunity for some inner research and reflection. I realised a lot about myself such as how to be cooperative with people of different backround and etc.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to GYM for this amazing project and also giving me the chance to be part of it! I am looking forward to the next adventure with Greek Youth Mobility!

Youth work essentials+, Slovenia 2022

From the 28th of November till the 9th of December, our volunteers alongside young people from Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria took part in an International Training Course program in Brežice, Slovenia.

The aim of the project was to equip participants with knowledge, skills, attitudes and
behaviours to insert and accelerate learning in their own youth work practice.

In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.


My name is Vasilis Mantelos and I took part in the project in Brezice (Slovenia) between 28/11-9/12. It was my first Erasmus+ program and this experience was amazing!

The project had as its main theme the Youth Work. It had both individual and group activities with main goal the improvement of mental health, complementary dialogue, self care and group collaboration. In my view, the most important thing was the meeting with so many different and interesting people with different lifestyle, ideas and culture. This was the key to broaden my mind and meet real friends.

Last but not least, we tasted amazing traditional food and we visited really nice places in Slovenia and Croatia!

Anna Maria:

My name is Anna Maria, and I took part in the project in Slovenia between 28/11-9/12. It was not my first mobility program, but it exceeded by far every expectation I had!

My experience in this project was truly extraordinary, it concluded lots of indoor activities that were really unique. These activities thought me a lot. I learned many things about youth work, about mental health and self care. We did many activities about theatre and experimental learning. I made new friends that will for sure keep into contact with, learned new things in a different way compared to usual and shared emotions, moments, feelings with many people of the project.

I am grateful for this experience and I would definitely recommend these projects to everyone. Thank you!

What’s that buzz, tell me what was happening – Romania 2022

From the 14th till the 24th of November, our volunteers alongside young people from Romania, Spain, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Sarata Monteoru, Romania.

The aim of the project was to increase the degree of responsibility of young people in managing fake news!

In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.


It was a unique and amazing experience not only for the knowledge I acquired but also for the friends I made along the way!

I entered this mobility by myself without knowing any of the people there but I ended the program with memories from friends that I feel like I have known for all of my life. The activities were also really helpful and pushed me to learn stuff that traditional education wouldn’t bother to teach me and doing that in a fun and enjoyable way.

I encourage anyone that hasn’t yet participated in an Erasmus+ mobility program to do so and experience all the amazing stuff that it has to offer to them whether it be knowledge or memories because it is so much worth it.


This November I had my first Erasmus+ experience in Sarata Monteoru in Romania. I will never forget those 10 days I spent during the project and the people that I shared those moments with!

I could never imagine how close people can get in such a short period of time. This experience changed my life and it came just at the right moment when I needed a change and also a challenge. I got in touch with unique personalities, different cultures and ways of living. Also I feel that the project gave me a lot of new knowledge and abilities about every kind of information and the way it can affect me and everyone’s life.

I really enjoyed the international nights with all these tastes around the world. Highlight of the activities was the forum theater, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy to act! The most important part for me, is that I met people that got into my heart, we got truly and deeply connected, i felt safe around them and I miss every second from this experience.

I can’t wait to see everyone again and maybe take part together in another project!


I took part in the project “whats that Buzz, tell me what was happening ” in Sarata Monteoru between 14/11-24/11. This was my first Erasmus+ project and it was much better than i expected!

First of all, we did a lot of activities (theater, debates, land arts) related to our topic “fake news” with the aim of how to spot, avoid and prevent them from spreading. Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures, to exchange opinions and learn many things about the countries that participated in the project.

I’m really grateful that I met these people and had the opportunity to share this experience together!


I’m Eleana and last month I participated in my first Erasmus+ project. During my ten days in Romania not only I’ve learned many things about fake news, how to spot, avoid and prevent them from spreading, I also created some of the greatest memories that will stay in my heart and mind for a lifetime!

I met different people that not only helped me develop a different way of thinking, made me more open-minded, and changed how I see the world so much, for instance things I considered “problems” that caused me anxiety, now they seem so unimportant. The main reason I joined this project, was to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and be more comfortable with being myself and I can tell with certainty that I did, in a level I never knew I could.


During November I went to an Erasmus+ project in Romania which i enjoyed so much, I met lots of lovely people and made lots of friends , also I gained lots of information about the project topic that will help me in my life and will make me able to help others around me.

These 10 days were the best moments in my life , I got close to lots of people that I already miss so much but I’m sure that we will meet again soon , we shared some special moments that are unforgettable for a lifetime. The main reason I went to this Erasmus+ is to break my routine and get out my comfort zone and it worked , I improved my communication skills and experienced new things in my life.