The life is a stage, Germany 2022

From the 24th of February till the 4th of March, our volunteers alongside youth workers from Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary and Germany took part in an International Training Course program in Germany.
The Training Course aimed to empower youth workers, multipliers from hosting communities as well as refugees to create dialogue that leads to integration and establishes culture of peace.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.


When I applied It was impossible to imagine how relevant this training would be at the time of its completion.

It was about raising awareness and compassion about refugees and aiding their integration in their host societies. With the war in Ukraine suddenly it all became very real. I got the opportunity to learn in a intercultural setting guided by exceptional facilitators, but at the same time i got the feeling that i was part of a bigger story, a story a about a group of inspiring people realizing their place in the world, united through an entity named “Europe” and eager to move further, while taking that feeling back to their homes. 

It was a perfect example of what a European youth mobility program can be, and I find myself very fortunate that I got the chance to participate!


At this very moment, millions of refugees around the world are experiencing situations many could never imagine: war-stricken and impoverished countries, having to leave behind all they know and love, lengthy screenings, and troubles acclimating into a whole new world.

Through this experience I had the chance not only to learn about sensitive and current issues, such as immigration and humanitarian crisis, but also discuss all these with people with different backgrounds from all around Europe.

I heard stories and took part in activities that made me realize how hard it is to be expelled from your country, from your home. And in this everyday life that Europe is in at the moment, understanding and raising awareness around this issue is deemed necessary. This program gave me the possibility to further extend my knowledge over this topic, motivating me to keep learning and be engaged in this field.

I also feel very lucky that through this program I met new people from different countries and with different cultures and I realized that speaking a different language with someone is not an obstacle in finding common ground with him. Strong friendships, invaluable experiences and very useful knowledge are some of the things I gained through this program.

For me this program was my first contact with Erasmus+ and it will certainly not be the last.

In the future I would like to repeat such an experience as much as erasmus, as well as other training courses like this.


My experience with this Erasmus+ project is truly unforgettable!

Firstly, I’ve learned so much about immigration and I am now able to understand and empathize with an issue that I don’t have personal experience with. I also feel really motivated to make a change through transnational cooperation and common understanding.

Asides from the topic of this project, which really affected me, I feel that the connections we made with the people are truly powerful. It fills me with great confidence, especially in such a difficult time in Europe, when I observe what motivated people can achieve through good coordination and cooperation.

In addition, the methods of forum theater and labyrinth theater where very interesting to explore and I would love to try them out with my lock community.

Summing up, I feel very grateful for this experience and I will try my best to live to everything I’ve learned there and the skills I’ve acquired! 

Healthy Food, Healthy Integrated Europe, France 2021

From the 6th till the 14th of December, our volunteers alongside young people from France, Bulgaria and Romania took part in an International Youth Exchange program in France.
During the Youth Exchange participants were taught how to develop better nutritional knowledge and increased integration between people from different countries with different food traditions.

In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.


In the project “Healthy food, healthy integrated Europe” I enjoyed the activities we did including all the theatrical plays and the activity that they challenged us to cook for one day each team a healthy food that really developed are communication skills and put us think more about healthy food. The hosts were very welcoming and kind to us and they were always happy to help us with any problem.
The fact that we were only from 4 countries made us to gain faster, more intimacy with each other and that helped to work better.


Participating in the erasmus+ project ‘ healthy food, healthy integrated Europe’ was an amazing life experience!

Daily activities and workshops related to healthy food really enhanced our soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, creativity and team work. Meeting and cooperating with different people from different countries made us look at things from a different perspective and share our cultural differences.

Personally one of my favorite outcomes of the project was the friendships we established with the fellow participants and for that I am really grateful.


The subject of nutrition was multifariously analyzed regarding eating habits, nutrition facts and procedures used in food products.

However, creativity has being one of the biggest challenges as theatrical imitations were a basic method of the project. Being part of a varied community and having to share every single aspect of our daily lives definitely have visual results in my communication skills and behavior.


The healthy nutrition project in Angouleme was an event full of wonderful experiences, a place where we all got the chance to explore many aspects of the world of food : cultural, nutritional, culinary and even health-related.
It was precious that we were allowed to let our creativity flow with no limits, as we were given much freedom to manage the creation process of the activities. In addition, teamwork and cooperation flourished during the activities.

I am also grateful for our coordinators, who never gave us a sense of hierarchy between us and them, who were kind, positive, helpful, and simply beautiful people. The project ended leaving me with a feeling of gratitude that I got to experience it as a whole.


Participating in this Erasmus project was a great experience!

The project offered us a lot of multidimensional knowledge, from nutrition and healthy dieting to improving our communication and socialization skills. We met new cultures and we learned a lot about their traditions through food.

Finally, another great aspect of the project was the friendly vibe that existed among the whole team.

The practice of Sports, France 2021

From the 22nd till the 30th of November, our volunteers alongside young people from Italy, France, Romania and Turkey took part in an International Youth Exchange program in France.
During the Youth Exchange participants developed their self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and team collaboration competences that will help them improve their personal lives and be more competitive for the labor market.
In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.


I really cannot describe in words the feelings I experienced during this Erasmus youth exchange!

The friends I made and the memories we created together these 8 days will accompany me for the rest of my life!

If I could go back in time and relieve this amazing experience, I would gladly do so!


I took part in the Erasmus+ program “The Practice of Sports”.

Overall, I had an awesome experience. I had the chance to live in a small French city for some days, which I liked a lot. I, also, met some very interesting guys from different countries and I learnt about their culture.

In addition, I had an excellent communication with the guys from the Greek team, who I am still in contact with.

In total, it was a wonderful experience and I would do this again for sure!


Our Erasmus + project in Angoulême was a very unique experience!

The city was fantastic and the bonding with everyone made it quite international. We had a lot of activities and great moments with each other. The whole trip was something I hadn’t experienced before. The sports theme of the project got us to learn the sports activities of different countries.

I would totally recommend this experience to anyone planning to go to an Erasmus+ project!


This trip in Angouleme was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I will remember it for the rest of my life!

I made a lot of friends from different countries , the trip may be over but the friendships and the memories we made will be with us for a lifetime!

Apart from the good friends I made and the fun I had in Angouleme I also learnt a lot of information about the customs and culture of different countries. We got to learn about different traditional sports of each country and now we can share them with our friends here in Greece.

With this program I had the opportunity to learn about the different sports and cuisine of other countries but in the end of it I realized that as people we don’t have as many differences as I thought.


My experience in the project was magnificent!

Angouleme was a great city and I really enjoyed it. All in the activities with the participants were completed in a fun and educational way and helped me bond with the other participants from all the others countries. Furthermore, the organizers and leaders were really helpful and assisted us in any way they could for any problem that possibly occurred.

To conclude, I had a great time, made some great friends and would definitely loved to participate in a similar project in the near future! 


My experience with the Erasmus program, through GYM was a dream come true!

I got to meet new people from all over Europe, share experiences, opinions and voice my concerns about the future. Truly a bliss to get to know everybody participating and making such good friendships. What is more I got to see a part of France I’ve been negligent to, the province! Angouleme is a picturesque small town, with an amazing view. I am thankful for everything I got to see, feel and express.

Thank you GYM and Erasmus+ for everything!