The power of media? The power in me! , Poland 2019

From the 7th to the 13th of September, our volunteers alongside with youths from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Cyprus and Romania, took part in an International Youth Exchange program in Murzasichle, Poland.
Subject of the project was the influence of media in our daily life. In the following lines, you can explore the experiences that our volunteers gained through their participation.

It was my first time in such a project so I didn’t really know what to expect. Nevertheless, it turned out as one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had so far! I met very great people from all over Europe, I explored the beautiful nature of Zakopane and of course I learned how to be more sceptical when it comes to media. I am also glad that the greek team bonded as soon as we arrived at the airport which made it a lot easier to communicate, cooperate and have fun throughout the trip. I feel lucky that I have been given this opportunity!
I really want to thank GYM for organising such a project!

~ Mara ~

It was an amazing and one of the most unique experiences of my life. On a personal level I gained a lot of things. Firstly and most important, I made new friends all over the world and I hope one day to see all of them again. Secondly, I learned a lot of things about the presence of media in other European countries and of course people’s tendencies there. Finally, I was fortunate to visit amazing places like Zakopane and Krakow and to do some some unique activities like hiking in the Carpathian Mountains and street interviews at the streets of Zakopane. At group level we gathered some interesting results and we create a mini movie, a poster and some other things to remember of this project. Also, we exchanged ideas and we learned a lot about the culture and traditions of each country. It’s difficult to explain the whole experience in some sentences. I think that every young person should try Erasmus+!
Thank you GYM for everything!!!

~ Dimitris ~

The project in Poland was a once in a lifetime experience that will surely remain unforgettable to all its participants. It became apparent at the start that the Greek team bonded very well and had good communication and the members of the other groups were also very friendly and eager to come in contact with different cultures. The hotel and food were satisfying and the daily schedule was filled with interesting activities. I can confidently say that no one who participated regrets taking part in this project and we thank everyone who gave us this wonderful experience and opportunity. We now await the next project!

~ Stefan ~

During my experience in Murzasichle with Greek Youth Mobility at the project “The power of media, the power in me”, I had the opportunity to meet people from 6 different countries, participate in interactive activities and workshops about media, visit the offices of a local newspaper, interview locals in Zakopane and take part in photoshoots and video shooting activities. Besides these, I tasted traditional Polish dishes, I went for hiking in the mountains and learned about the traditions of the other countries. I’m really glad that I applied for the project. It was a unique experience!

~ Xanthippi ~

Participating in the Youth exchange project with title “The power of media the power in me” was a very unique experience for me. I had the opportunity to get in touch with cultures that I had never been exposed to before and to see with my own eyes some of their own customs or even participate in them. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work in groups and collaborate with the rest of the Greek participants. That way I actually discovered new information and perspectives to Greek media which I found very interesting. Of course we were informed about the media from all participating countries and we realized how many similarities exist across them. At the same time, we saw how the small differences across these media function have a huge impact on the way people think and act in each country. Finally, my favorite activity of the project was the hiking trip where we hiked at the national park of Zakopane and we saw beautiful waterfalls and amazing green scenery.

~ Artemis ~

It was an amazing experience that i will never forget. It was my first time in an Erasmus+ project and frankly it could not have been better. I made some new friends that we continue to keep in touch with and I gained some new experiences that in other cases I would not have the chance to gain. Also, one of the reasons that I applied was because I wanted to know new cultures and through this trip i learned a lot of things about the other countries and the way they live and think. In the end we are not so different!

~ Katerina ~

First of all, I want to thank Greek Youth Mobility for the opportunity that was given to me!!
The programme was well organized and all the activities were really creative! I had the chance to socialize and meet new people from all over Europe and find out more about their culture (language, food, traditions) and their way of thinking!! But most importantly, I learned a lot about the media and how they work in different countries, from different aspects! Especially the visit to the local newspaper office was really helpful when it comes to finding out how the news are examined and trying to be as objective as possible! In conclusion, this project offered to me a lot of new experiences, it developed my skills (about Media and social ones) and I experienced the multiculturalism!!

~ Maria ~

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